Keina is amazing. She is warm and very knowledgeable.
— Pat Council

Just had the best massage…EVER! Thanks, Keina! And, thanks to my son and daughter-in-law, for the gift card for the massage…it was greatly appreciated!
— Patti Smith Weaver

Keina Bryant is wonderful! She has helped so many!!!
— Valerie Gossett

I went to Keina today for a massage and my right forearm has tendinitis. She helped relieve the pinching & stress from me using my mouse hand too much. I recommend Keina.

Some masseuses massage, some heal. Keina is definitely a healer. My shoulder has not felt this good in a long time. Thank you!
— Evan Lewis

Keina is amazing. She helps to find the pain you are having and eliminate it. Best massage I ever had.
— Bobbie Lewis-Harper

Why insurance companies do not recognize massage therapy as a means of medical necessity – whereby the massage sessions I experienced recently with Kiena have helped me to deal with stress more effectively , alleviate pain in my chest and neck and feel ohhh so much better overall. I have been to a number of massage therapists. But no one is like Kiena. The total experience- from the quiet serene setting – the background spa music playing harmoniously with the soothing sound of ocean waves- perfect balance of essential oils permeating – and everything is sooo very clean. Kiena is talented and gifted . A massage with Kiene is very therapeutic and very special. There is no waiting – she takes her clients right on time . I hope this post helps someone that otherwise might have been unsure as to whether a massage could really be beneficial in more ways than 1
I myself was very ignorant. I did not know the many benefits (health) until I met Keina .
— Susan Shemansky

Leading two businesses and household, I am almost always busy. I have rare moments of true relaxation. I attended one of Keina’s eight week courses on meditation thinking there is no way I can calm my mind down long enough to do this, but I will try for my health. After my forth class,, I learned how to settle my mind down, and to focus on what’s important. I began to learn to be in the moment. I began to see improvement in my breathing and awareness. I now know how to better deal with my daily stresses, how I approach, and how I think of things. Keina has encouraged me to continue learning the techniques of meditation and has laid down the ground work for me to follow. I look forward to the next class.

I will continue to speak highly of Keina’s services because they have made a definite impact in helping me to re-claim moments of calm in my busy life. I am more focused on my family and businesses. Thank you, Meditation Lady!
— Thea Jeffers

I attended Keina’s meditation class early on in July and the results were outstanding. I was at a point in my personal and business life where I felt overwhelmed with so many responsibilities and I couldn’t shut down. This was actually causing poor results in business and at home with my wife and kids.

After attending the workshop in July I was able to gain so much clarity and mental peace that July ended up being the biggest month my business has ever had and at the same time I spent more quality time with my wife and kids.

I highly recommend Keina (aka the Meditation Lady), as she is a wealth of knowledge and her business is an excellent opportunity for every entrepreneur / sales rep to find a way to get clear and calm when days can be everything but that.
— Justin Wroten